How to Order Custom Guitar

Ordering a Musical Harvest Custom made Guitar for auction, raffle or special promotion

Musical Harvest Guitars look and sound amazing. You see Musical Harvest Guitars in the shape of a fruit, a vegetable, a cowboy boot or who knows what else. And when you see them, it usually means they are used to raise money for a worthy charity. Sometimes at a charity event signed by an artist or celebrity, sometimes in partnership with an artist on a select numbered series of guitars for a cause and sometimes just to help build an artist or business  brand or product image.

The following are two simple ways you can help your favorite charity raise funds with an innovative Musical Harvest Guitar program.

Step 1:  Determine the rough graphic design concept you would like us to build for you. Photos of your idea or even hand sketches give us enough to start designing. This is also a good time to get any special logo designs that you will want on the guitar. Illustrator is the best format to send your logo to us.


Step 2:  Our Musical Harvest® design folks to create a rough graphic concept of your guitar.


Step 3:  Confirm the graphic design by e-mail. Once a graphic design is confirmed, it will take us about 4-6 weeks to complete your amazing, one of a kind, Musical Harvest® Guitar.


Step 4:  When we have your approval of the basic graphic design, we order materials and invoice you for ½ of the cost of the Guitar


Step 5:  As we get close to completion, we send you photos to confirm you are happy with the design and to confirm a shipping destination. Once confirmed, we invoice for the balance due per guitar and any applicable taxes.


Step 6:  When final payment is received, we package your guitar in a padded soft shell case and appropriate shipping materials and deliver it directly to your desired location.


Step 7:  WOW your friends, business associates and our potential charity event contributors with this one of a kind, personalized looking and great playing Musical Harvest®, custom made guitar design, personalized for your need.

If you have questions you are welcome to contact us at:

Lakers Guitar
Strawberry Guitar
Red Corn Guitar
Mr. Sweetpotato Guitar
Blueberry Guitar
Ribbon Guitar

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