Since 1993


Doug Ranno created Musical Harvest Guitars® to mix his passion for music, guitars and the fresh produce industry into an innovative way to give back. The concept behind Musical Harvest Guitars always starts with the goal of creating a unique Musical Harvest® Guitar design that looks and sounds amazing. 

The key to Musical Harvest’s success has been the realistic visual design representation mixed with the classic American appeal of a guitar. Many Musical Harvest® Guitars are played and signed by celebrities, bands or musicians, which only increase the value of the guitar, and helps to raise more money for a particular worthy charity. The winning bidder gets an amazing one of a kind design that is really a musical piece of art, personalized, to be cherished for years to come. This has made Musical Harvest Guitars a perfect way to raise money for that special charity.


At Musical Harvest, we pride ourselves in our quality and it shows. Check out how we create these unique, custom guitars below.

How to Order...

Find out how to purchase your own custom made guitar for raffles, auction or create an artist endorsed numbered series.