Musical Harvest Guitars look and sound amazing. You see Musical Harvest Guitars in the shape of a fruit, a vegetable, a cowboy boot or who knows what else. And when you see them, it usually means they are used to raise money for a worthy charity. Sometimes at a charity event signed by an artist or celebrity, sometimes in partnership with an artist on a select numbered series of guitars for a cause and sometimes just to help build an artist or business  brand or product image.

The following are two simple ways you can help your favorite charity raise funds with an innovative Musical Harvest Guitar program.


Ordering a Musical Harvest Custom made Guitar for auction, raffle or special promotion

Step One: Dream up a guitar concept with a photo or sketch. (Remember that not all guitars can be created as an acoustic guitar)

Step Two: Determine if you want an individual guitar created or for Musical Harvest to create a numbered series of guitars for your event.

Step Three: Email your sketch or photo, your phone number and your email contact information to info@musicalharvest.comand note Musical Harvest Guitar order in the subject line.

Step Four: Musical Harvest will contact you to talk about your project, give you an estimate to build your project and an estimated time line to complete your project.

Step Five:  Once you approve your design sketch and Cost to build the project from Musical Harvest, Musical Harvest will invoice you for ½ of the cost of your project.

Step Six: Once Musical receives your initial project deposit, they will order materials for your project and start the work.

Step Seven: When the project is just about finished, Musical Harvest will send you a photo of your project for you to see how the final guitar or guitars will look.

Step Eight: Musical Harvest will confirm delivery instructions for your project, any applicable taxes and will then send you an invoice for the balance due, shipping costs if applicable and any required taxes.

Step Nine: When Musical Harvest receives all final payments and delivery instructions, Musical Harvest will deliver your amazing guitar or guitars.

Step Ten: Enjoy your amazing Musical Harvest /Guitar or Guitars and we hope you post lots of photos from your event! And share them with Musical Harvest on social media.


Creating a Musical Harvest, Artist Endorsed, Numbered Series promotion for charity

Musical Harvest® builds unique, personalized guitars in select numbered series for artist brand building & charitable Giving strategy.

Musical Harvest® Guitar designs are designed to the artist's specifications. They look, sound and play amazing music while helping to build an artist’s brand and their charity giving strategy.
All Musical Harvest® Guitars are hand made for maximum collector value and created in select artist numbered series that can be reserved for the artist only.

All Musical Harvest® numbered, artist endorsed, guitar designs are created with artist’s collaborative - customization input, the artists signature and series number certification.

Musical Harvest® Guitars can be sold directly to the artist, to the artist’s designated organization or after signature endorsement agreement has been confirmed, sold on line in an e-commerce partnership promoted sale.

Under all circumstances, the artist has complete control over where the artist’s proceeds from the sale of the artist endorsed guitars are distributed to.

Custom design series Musical Harvest® Guitar designs have been sold in artist series of 10 to 100 count for sales prices ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on sales strategy commitment and the artist’s involvement in the sales promotion process.

How it Works

Step One: Musical Harvest® Guitar has been designing, building and distributing custom made guitars for charity organizations and  brand development for years now.

Step 2: Now Musical Harvest® will partner with a few select Celebrity Artists to collaboratively design a particular select numbered series of a Musical Harvest® Guitar model designs. With the artist’s signature and numbered endorsement, the guitars are marketed to fans, collectors and guitar lovers on line and at select show events.

Step 3: The Artist proceeds can be directed as artist income, artist charitable contribution and in both cases the artist is using a powerful piece of musical Americana in a signature shape to help build their brand and generate social and/or business revenue.